A Multi-Disciplinary Construction Company – Experienced in Completing Successful Projects Across Southern Ontario

We’ve built our reputation in the construction industry throughout the GTA and most of Southern Ontario. Concourse Construction Corp delivers quality industrial, commercial, residential and institutional buildings on time and on budget. Through this experience, we have developed the skills, techniques, methods, and expertise that now spans all contract models with a particular emphasis on collaborative project delivery methods such as Construction Management, Design-Build, Consulting and General Contracting. This allows us to not only recognize that the construction industry is changing rapidly, but it also allows us to take on larger and more complex projects as facilities are becoming “greener” and more technologically advanced. Due to these changes in the construction industry, what happens during the Pre and Post Construction phases now affects project outcomes just as much as what happens during construction. This is why we combine a full suite of construction and building services with different build form techniques, to help our clients meet the growing demands of projects while minimizing their risk.

Our president is hands-on throughout each phase of every project to ensure our clients expectations are being met. Concourse Construction Corp has extensive experience in completing new builds or renovations adjacent to occupied facilities while keeping disruptions at a minimum. We believe that our success comes from understanding the needs of our stakeholders and building long-term trusted relationships with our employees, contractors and clients alike.

We are proud members of Bild, CCA, National Cor Standard, Canada Green Building Council, TCA, and Ontario General Contractors Association. We are also WSIB insured, and fully registered with Tarion.

  • Attend and participate in all Pre-Construction, Design & Development and Consultant Coordination meetings.
  • Provide “Value Engineering” input for consideration throughout the design development phase and production of drawings for tender. Suggest alternate options for design and methodology not affecting the integrity of the design or structure.
  • Consult with partners, Architect, and Engineers on design and marketing changes and provide input with respect to impact on the construction
  • Provide a building construction analysis resulting in the design of the most cost effective construction technique to be utilized
  • Coordinate Architects, Mechanical/Electrical Engineers, Structural Engineers, Interior Design and Landscape Architects in the production of building permit ready drawings and construction tender drawings including site specific scopes of work.
  • Assist in providing a qualified list of trades to the partners  for competitive tender
  • Assist the partners and the Consultants with compiling the building permit package.
  • Assist in hiring all consultants (acoustic, vibration, shoring, etc.,) where required.
  • Provide construction schedule, preliminary Class D budgets, final construction budgets, and cash flow requirements as they relate to the construction schedule.
  • Report regular progress to the partners .
  • Pre-construction/Construction/Post Construction as per the Schedule A attached
  • Provide competent Site Superintendent, Site Engineer & Senior Project Manager for the supervision and execution of all works on site. As per class D Requirements 
  • Assume the role of Contractor, taking a leading role in establishing a Health & Safety Program on site and enforcing MOL regulations as a minimum.
  • Supervise and assist field staff and generally oversee all site preparation, site construction (including site servicing), from commencement to completion.
  • Conduct on-site inspections to ensure quality and monitor scheduling.
  • Assist in the negotiations between the partners, sub-trades, contractors, and suppliers.
  • Assist in Design and Drawing reviews for errors and omissions.
  • Coordinate with Consultants and provide value engineering comments for Consultant approval and revision – plans, specifications, and contract documents.
  • Provide good practice site methodology for improved site productivity along with daily problem solving and trouble shooting.
  • Assist in preparing tender packages including scopes of work, distribution, and collection of sub-trade quotations for contract preparation for successful sub-trades.
  • Prepare Class C Budget for construction continuously updating actual costs.
  • Prepare, monitor, and update construction schedule including coordinating and conducting regular site meetings while maintaining complete minutes.
  • Review, approve, and recommend for payment all invoices from sub-trades for the partners or Payment Certifier as required.
  • Prepare a cost schedule for monthly draws, to be approved and submitted by the Owner.
  • Control the processing of drawings through tracking site documents; prepare RFI’s, SB’s, and track as builds for handover.
  • Prepare detailed reports and tracking of Change Orders and project costs.
  • Support the partners and Project Consultants in working with Governing bodies and utilities (i.e. Hydro, Telephone, Cable TV, Fire Department, Public Utilities, Gas, etc.) during pre-construction and construction phases.
  • Assist in Co-ordinating all local, municipal, and consultant inspections.
  • Review all Consultants, municipal and site testing reports and distribute as required. Coordinate remediation of any and all deficiency works as required and noted in the reports.
  • Inspect, document, track sub trade work and progress and obtain engineers’ and architect’s certificates as required in a form satisfactory to the Owner for their financial institution.
  • Assist and coordinate all Tarion Builder Bulletin 19 reporting.
  • Assemble and maintain “record or as-builds” drawings, maintenance manuals and operating instructions to be provided to the partners only.
  • Ensure all works are completed in accordance with all project drawings, details and specifications, and is accordance with the OBC.
  • Assist in providing specific details, practices and procedures to continuously improve site productivity & Project quality.
  • Review shop drawing and material data submittals prior to consultant review.
  • Identify potential risks and/or issues that may impact the site and immediately report to the Owner and propose potential remedies.
  • Mediate and resolve trade issue’s as required.
  • Provide Bonding & Tarion

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