The safety of our workforce and people on-site is a priority for Concourse Construction Corp.

We are well aware that the work we carry out and the sites we work on have many hazards. For this reason, we foster a culture of health and safety as the first concern within our company. Regardless of the project we are working on at the time, the health and safety of all those involved take precedence. We do regular on site safety trying courses for our employees, we are sib registrants, we carry a 5 million dollar bonding and commercial liability coverage.

Concourse Construction Corp commits to delivering supreme health and safety standards in several ways. Before we begin work on any development, our health and safety offers access the site for potential risks and hazards present. This allows us to avoid potential accidents. Similarly, our workforce must attend health and safety refreshers frequently, and frequent self-auditing and inspections take place.

Not only does our health and safety approach help avoid harm to those working on-site but it also promotes efficient progress of each development. By ensuring work is carried out responsibly and securely, we avoid delays. This allows us to deliver jobs on time and within budgets, all to the benefit of our client.

Concourse Construction Corp continues to improve on our stellar health and safety record for the well-being of every person involved in your development.

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